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Wholesale Fabric, Fabric Wholesalers
Wholesale Fabrics, Discount Fabrics
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Custom Prints on Fabric and Direct to Garment
Made to Order Sublimation printing ensures vivid, high quality designs onto fabrics. Select a print from our range of 100+ patterns and choose a printable fabric. Direct to Garment printing is also available.
Wholesale Fabrics, Fabric Wholesalers
Skytex Guarantee
All our fabrics will be upto the highest quality standards. If you're not satisfied with our order, we will make things right.
Discount Fabric

Learn About Skytex Wholesale Fabrics & Discount Fabrics Services: 

  • We will provide all your fabric needs. If you are looking for a certain fabric that is not posted on our website please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone. Let us know what fabric you are looking for and we will do our best to meet your expectation.
  • We carry variety of fabrics. Provide us with the information related to the fabric you are looking for and we will contact you as soon as the we have a result.
  • Our main goal is to ensure our customers satisfaction.


Get Free Fabric Samples

We can send you fabric swatches or samples for any fabric you need. Call (213) 236-9236 to order.

Domestic Line

Cotton Jersey Spandex / Poly Rayon Jersey Spandex Butterknits / Microfiber Jersey Spandex / Cotton Pique Nylon Ottoman / Plated Jersey / Shantung Jersey 100% Cotton Baby Jersey from 5.5 oz to 7 oz / Baby Rib / Loop Terry / 100% Cotton Jersey 50/50 Poly Denier Interlock and much more....

We specialize on all knitted and woven fabrics. From lab dips finished products, new fabrics, prints, tie-dyes.

Fabrics Import Line

We have imports that has the first quality from all the parts of the world and we keep popular colors in stock. Our goal is to provide fast service at an excellent competitive price, with quality always in mind. We are proud to carry quality products like ITY, Poly Rayon Spandex, Baby Poly Rayon, Baby Rib 1 by 1, Baby Rib 2 by1, Cotton Jersey, Baby Jersey, French Terry Spandex, Cotton French Terry, Baby Jersey Spandex, Interlock, Denims, Twills, Lawns, Voils, Poplins, Fleece, Ciello.

Get a full website access to our Discount Fabric & Wholesale Fabric store!

  • In order to gain full access of the website and Licensed Prints please contact us.
  • Provide us with full information of your company and we will contact you as soon as we can to confirm that you are an authorized personel,  who makes  or part of the decision making in your Company.
  • Please allow 1 to 2 days  for us to contact you.
  • You may call us, e-mail us, send a message through "contact us" section or mail us your information along with a signed License Print Document and a signed Credit Check Document.


Terms and Conditions

All goods must be counted and inspected immediately upon receipt. All claims including claim for shortages must be made within five days of reciept of goods in writing by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested and must be checked and approved by us before goods are cut, dyed, or printed. Cutting tickets are not proof of shortages.

We are absolutely not responsible aller goods are cut, dyed, printed or altered in any way, it is the buyers responsibility to test and sample the the goods recived before cutting to meet specific requirements and aplications.

Seller makes no warranty either expressed or implied, of merchantability or fitness of goods for any specific purpose.

Payments are due within time period specified on the invoice. All controversies shall be submited to arbitration in Los Angeles. California and buyer agrees to pay all costs of collection including attorney's fees, interest rate of 2%,month, if an action is instituted to enforce payment.

Wholesale Fabric, Discount Fabric and Wholesale Fabrics Services:

We are the best choice for Wholesale Fabrics and Discount Fabric in Los Angeles. We provide the great services for Fabric Wholesalers and Discount Fabrics Suppliers that are looking for Wholesale Fabric and Discount Fabric. Our Wholesale and Discount Fabric store has a variety of fabrics at wholesale and discounted prices. If you need Wholesale Fabric Distributors, Discount Fabrics, Fabric Wholesalers, Cheap Fabrics, Discount Fabric Distributors and Wholesale Fabrics, you came to right place. Provide us with the information related to the fabric you are looking for and we will contact you with a great products.

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